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Club Fitting Studio

Please note, the studio at 439 Hillside Avenue has closed. We have re-opened our clubfitting and club assessment services at Cedar Hill Golf Course in early March, 2018.

Please note that custom club assembly, repairs and regripping will occur at our home workshop. Call for details.

Our serices will include:  

  • a full-sized hitting cage,
  • A hitting mat with adjustable tee heights and realistic turf,
  • An assortment of demonstration and adjustable clubs,
  • A new SkyTrak optical launch monitor linked to a laptop computer
  • The launch monitor raises the bar for the accurate measurement of club-head speed, ball flight characteristics and swing mechanics.
  • Loft and lie adjustment bending machine


Hours for fittings or swing analysis with the launch monitor at Cedar Hill Golf Course are:

  • Tuesdays 11am to 5pm
  • Thursdays 11am to 5pm
  • Saturdays 11am to 5pm

Please check the web site to see if Brian has given notice that he would not be available during one of these sessions.

If these times don't work for you, Brian may be available on an appointment basis.  Please use the Contact Us Form to get in touch or book your appointment.  You can also reach us on Brian's Cell at 250-516-3392.



Fitting Studio Photos (to be updated)

What people are saying

Here is the review you can put on your website. I mean every word of it.  

"My experience with Brian has been nothing but amazing. The club fitting session is all about you the golfer and what you are looking for in clubs relating to the game you play.  I play at a higher level of golf ( under 10 handicap )  and he fitted me with a set of Wishon 565MC forged irons. Needles to say the quality of the build is top notch and 100% made to my specs from the fitting session. He is there to help you and not sell you on anything you do not need.  I highly recommend having a session with him as it could be the best thing for your golf game." Jason Hanna, Victoria

"I can positively say I made the right choice by dealing with Brian. I highly recommend you talk to Brian before you buy your next golf club."
- Leigh Lundgren, Victoria

"Overall, Brian, your service and workmanship are extraordinary and I'm so glad I found you!
- Kim Ott, Victoria, BC

"What a difference custom made clubs make. Brian’s clubs have helped take 10 strokes off my game! The 3 hybrid seems to hit the ball by itself! Brian’s Custom clubs have helped take the frustration out of the game and replaced it with FUN, FUN, FUN!!!  All this for no more than I would have paid at my local pro-shop.Thank you Brian"
- Marshall Travis, Victoria, BC

I just wanted to mention that the driver you put together for me recently is outstanding. I was having trouble hitting my old one, but you addressed the problem with swing analysis and expertise and now that you've fit it, I CAN hit It!!   Thanks Brian  
- Russ Sheriff, Metchosin, BC

"In the past I have always had trouble with my driver. Brian took the time to analyze my swing and let me try several Demo drivers. He recommended a “Wishon” driver shaft, which we put into my favorite head. I now TRUST the shaft,and am actually aiming at areas of the fairway. Huge difference!, Irons next!"  - Paul C. Easterbrook, Sidney, BC


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